OBFUSCATION – the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. Long-time TRE commenter…

OBFUSCATION – the motion of making one thing imprecise, unclear, or unintelligible.
Lengthy-time TRE commenter oxygen had made this straightforward jabber:
S’pore govt & their extensions (GLCs, SWFs)
(1) don’t like factual industry acumen in building tall scale companies competing on a world scale eg. Chartered SemiCon, NOL, Et al;
(2) don’t like tall trading instincts with perfect P&L outcomes of economic & physical property within the realm markets.
If they aren’t even factual in these 2 areas, how elevate out they reward themselves with consistently unhappy efficiency? The becoming approach to raise out that within the presence of readability? You would possibly perchance perchance well be ready to’t!
S’pore journalists & their mass media channels employers aren’t even value a cent when in comes to doing a Public Provider of valuable analyses, of informing the general public? NOBLE, a mature STI ingredient stock changed into as soon as undone by Iceberg Evaluate, an in a single more nation short seller whom deeply analysed their Financial Accounts & found troubling points.

The leisure as they order were history lessons! HYFLUX changed into as soon as one more market darling whom issued big bond proxy fairness instruments paying an unheard 6% pa return when market yields were valuable, valuable decrease. 34,000 retail merchants plough their life savings into HYFLUX. Again the leisure were history lessons. But other folks did now not attach a question to questions as to how HYFLUX were allowed to borrow so valuable from the general public with out valuable scrutiny, with out any media investigative effort for the elevated factual?
If one looks to be at S’pore’s media institutions on the present time, you would furthermore look that they failing badly within the home marketplace! Totally about a other folks be taught the Print Media on the present time.

Totally housewives, retirees & the unhappy stare the free-to-air MediaCorp television programming. Why? The obvious solution is the upward thrust of the Cyber web & diversified applied sciences love Broadband, Wifi & (now 5G) Mobile Technologies which made accessibility doable & doable alternatives a buffet spread.
Even for National Strategic Planning, PAP had failed big-time! S’pore educators sat on their hands for over 2 a few years fiddling & holding Meritocracy Policy, Elitist Faculties while China targeted on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) over a gigantic imperfect for the identical interval. In the approach, they became masters of their like future – & persevered updating the nation’s manufacturing imperfect by increasing 10 excessive-tech industries, including electrical autos and other new-vitality autos, subsequent-technology recordsdata technology and telecommunications, as effectively as salubrious robotics and synthetic intelligence, aerospace engineering, excessive-conclude rail infrastructure, and excessive-tech maritime engineering.
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